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Spring Giveaway – Win a Wrap Bracelet!

The Talulah Lee Spring Giveaway is finally here! 2 Lucky winners will receive a handmade cluster wrap bracelet – and guess what’s even better! You will be able to choose your color! Entry is easy – either signup for my mailing list (counts as 2 entries), follow me on Instagram (counts as 1 entry) or both to get a total of 3 entries! Good Luck!

Enter the Giveaway here!



God Jul och Gott Nytt År!

Hey Everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your holidays so far. My husband and I will be hosting for this year’s Christmas dinner and so we will be cooking lots of Swedish Christmas food including a roasted Skinka (Ham), Homemade Köttbollar (Meatballs), Senap and Egg Sill (RawFish with Mustard and Eggs – a typical Swedish dish that is actually very tasty!), Lax med Gurka och Dill (Salmon with Gurka and Dill), Salad with Pomegranate, Feta Cheese and Spinach, Risgrynspudding med Björnbar (a Swedish Rice Pudding Dish with berries), as well as some Swedish candy like “Choklad Bollar med Mandel” (Chocolate Balls with Nuts) and some sweet Christmas Fudge! It’s not the American style Christmas Turkey dinner that I grew up with but I just love the variety.

I would love to hear some of what you are planning to make or have at your Christmas dinner this year!

My jewelry shop will stay open and if you are in Sweden you still have time to place your order today to receive it in time for Christmas. You can also get Free Shipping using coupon code: FRIFRAKT until 31/12! There are also some sale items in the shop now!

I hope you enjoyed learning some Swedish food vocabulary! I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year 2014! Best wishes!  – Melissa

God Jul!

Featured Item: “Sparrow & Cage” Necklace

Today I am featuring the “Sparrow & Cage” Necklace. This is one of my favorite new pieces! The gold version of this necklace is cast in pure Italian Bronze and finished with a thick layer of 24K Gold. The chain itself is 14K Gold. It is also available in a Sterling Silver Version.

"Bird and Cage" Necklace | 24K Gold | Talulah Lee

“Bird and Cage” Necklace | 24K Gold | Talulah Lee

Did you know that the Sparrow is one of the most widely used objects in jewelry design? This goes back hundreds of years, but it was believed in many cultures that the sparrow symbolized good luck, fortune, love, dedication, trust and safe journey. Specifically, with this necklace the meaning is symbolic in that the sparrow reminds us to use our creativity in everyday life situations – think outside the box (in this case – “the cage”), and be creative in solving everyday obstacles and difficulties.

"Sparrow & Cage" Necklace | Sterling SIlver | Talulah Lee

“Sparrow & Cage” Necklace | Sterling SIlver | Talulah Lee

What I love most about the sparrow, which I think I may have mentioned in one of my previous posts, is that the sparrow it may travel great distances but it always returns to its home. I think that resonates well with many of us – for we may leave home, go on a journey, but we always have a special place that we call home and return to at some point in our life.
Don’t forget you can save 20% off this necklace until tomorrow using coupon code: HOLIDAY.  Enjoy!

Sweet as Honey! Featured Item: The Honeycomb Necklace

Hey everyone! I would like to share with you one of my latest creations – the Honeycomb necklace! It’s a bit different and abstract and unique too! When I think of a honeycomb I think of nature and the honeycomb itself – something that has taken time and effort to build and is a perpetual source of life, energy and nourishment. And from that comes good health and happiness.  Lately honeycombs and hexagonal shapes have been popping up quite a bit – so why not wear it in a fantastic jewelry piece. Don’t forget you can get 20% off this piece in my pre-holiday sale through 31/10. Enjoy!


Honeycomb Necklace by Talulah Lee

Honeycomb Necklace


Pre Holiday Sale at Talulah Lee

Hi Everyone!

Hope you are enjoying the leaves fall and the beautiful fall season! I just love the colors that Autumn brings. Bronze, Gold, Orange – everywhere! Here in the Swedish countryside it is so picturesque at this time! The wild deers who had been away for a few months are now back from their 6 month summer hiatus. Last year each morning  I fed them during the cold winter months and they have returned again to the area!

With my shop it’s been a good time to get ready with my inventory, clean up my product line and take a breather before the holiday season starts and it becomes manic. I am hoping that it can be a bit more manageable this year and therefore I am offering my followers a pre-holiday discount of 20% off their entire order. If you see something you like, or perhaps might want to start shopping early for the holidays (like me!) then please do take advantage of it. The offer is only until 31/10 as November 1st officially is kicking off the holiday shopping season. To take advantage of the offer, simply enter coupon code HOLIDAY at the checkout page.

Until next time…

Pre Holiday Sale - Talulah Lee

Pre Holiday Sale – Talulah Lee

Your Perfect Bohemian Wedding…

Hi everyone,

Today I am shifting gears a little bit and wanted to share with you an article I guest wrote for Gent & Beauty Magazine. If you or someone you know is planning a Bohemian style wedding they may find this article useful in your planning process! Also, check out Gent & Beauty for some inspirational and fashion forward articles for both the bride and groom! There are so many inspiring articles to get your creativity flowing. Until next time…..

Your Perfect Bohemian Wedding | Talulah Lee

Featured Item: The “5 Petals Necklace”

Hi Everyone! Today I’d like to share with you my latest design – the “5 Petals” Necklace. UPDATE: As of 29/08 this piece has been sold! If you are interested in having it custom made just for you please contact me! 

24K Gold Vermeil "5 Petals" Necklace on an 18" Gold Filled Chain

24K Gold Vermeil “5 Petals” Necklace on an 18″ Gold Filled Chain

It is constructed of 5 petals of various shapes connected together in a unique abstract design. The chains is one of my newer styles – an 18″ oval link chain, where the links are slightly larger and flattened. The chain is is definitly a little different and more substantial than your typical gold chain and I really like this style.

This is the ultimate modern flower necklace that makes an ideal statement piece! And whats great is that its not an overly done flower – just simple, classic, and a great design. And yes…. that is me sporting my own piece with a beautiful lace vintage dress! What do you think?

5 Petals Necklace I Talulah Lee

24K Gold Vermeil “5 Petals” Necklace

Right now I have just one of these beauties available in 24K Gold Vermeil with a Satin Finish. The chain itself is 14K Solid gold filled. I hope you like this piece!

Until Next time…

History of the Wishbone! & Some Wishbone Jewelry…

Hi everyone!  As you may not know I am a big fan of the wishbone and wishbone style jewelry. Though for many of us, we may not be aware of the history and meaning behind this tiny little forked bone found in birds.

The wishbone, for those who don’t know,  is found in the two clavicles of the bird, a small bone with alot of importance as it helps the bird to stay balance and withstand its position while flying.

The Wishbone

The original superstition of wishbones is that they bring hope and of course grant your wish!  As early as 322 B.C,  wishbones were thought to have been collected and considered lucky.  Not much is known about this early time period, except that the practices and beliefs had a strong lasting influence on Roman culture and then further on to early European cultures. Eventually, the wishbone tradition made its way to the United States by the early Pilgrim settlers. One of these practices, the “lucky break” wishbone, survived, and today it has become synonymous in many cultures with turkey and Thanksgiving dinners.

Sterling Silver Wishbone Necklace | Perfect for Layering | Talulah Lee

To divulge in the wishbone tradition a bit further, it was thought that in early B.C. times hens had oracle powers and they could be used to predict the future. Grains of corn would be scattered into sections with letters. A hen pecking at the corn would spell out answers to important questions, such as the first letter of a future husband’s name. Later, the hen would be killed and hung out to dry. An individual wishing to further capitalize on the lucky hen only had to pick up its wishbone, stroke it, and make a wish.

For more than two centuries, wishes were made on these unbroken hen clavicles. It was not until much later that the expression “lucky break” was given to the person winning the larger half in a wishbone “tug-of-war”. The person with the larger end of the bone would have his wish granted. In some places of the world, guinea fowl, geese, and turkey replaced the traditional hen.

In 15th Century Europe it was also thought that the wishbone could be used to predict the weather. Nowadays, once removed, the wishbone is dried and then held between the little fingers of two opposing “wishers”. Once the wish has been made the bone is pulled by each person. The wisher who breaks off a larger section of bone is thought to have their wish granted. Alternatively, the winner of this contest may choose to transfer the fragment of the wishbone, along with the wish, to a person of his or her choosing.

Many other different versions of the wishbone superstition have come into popular culture over the years. Some include hanging the wishbone over a doorway to find love ( it was thought that a marriage partner will come through your door if you do this!). The wishbone was also used extensively in many holiday greeting cards and postcards throughout the early 1900’s as seen in the one below. It even still is today!

Wishbone Greeting Card

I think overall the wishbone is a really nice tradition and everytime I make a whole chicken I am now looking for the wishbone to make my own wish!

The wishbone present in many pieces of my Talulah Lee jewelry symbolizes hope and good fortune to the wearer. Browse some of my new wishbone jewelry styles below including a selection of four new wishbone charm earrings.  The wishbone is a simple classic piece that can be worn dressed up or down and for any occasion! If you’d like a custom piece made or would like some stones such as pearls, moonstone, quartz or perhaps your birthstone, I can add it to any piece you wish.

I hope you enjoy these beautiful wishbone necklaces, wishbone earrings, and wishbone bracelets…and of course reading a little history about the wishbone itself…..until next time!

24K Gold Vermeil Wishbone Necklace | Talulah Lee

24K Gold Vermeil Wishbone Necklace. Set on a 14K Gold Filled Chain.

Sterling Silver Wishbone and Clover Charm Bracelet | Talulah Lee

Sterling Silver Wishbone and Clover Charm Bracelet. Made with wire wrapped blue topaz stone.

24K Gold Vermeil Wishbone Hook Earrings | Talulah Lee

24K Gold Vermeil Wishbone Earrings. Set on Kidney Hooks.

Sterling Silver Wishbone Marquis Earrings | Talulah Lee

Sterling Silver Wishbone Earrings. Set on Modern Marquis Style Hooks.

Sterling Silver Wishbone Charm Bracelet | Talulah Lee

Sterling Silver Wishbone Charm Bracelet. Accented with semi-precious Citrine, Topaz, and Peridot Stone.

Summer Update and a Giveaway!

Hey everyone! Hope you are enjoying your summer so far!

The Summer Sale rush is over and I am working on some new jewelry for the fall. Just to give you a hint, there will be some new Nappa Leather Bracelets and more abstract designed necklaces. I also had some requests for some of my gold necklaces in a sterling silver version so some of those will be arriving too. And finally some items that went out of stock will be back including the Jade Mix Wrap Bracelet, the Precious Pearl Wrap Bracelet, and the “Baby’s Breath” Taupe Wrap Bracelet!

If you missed out on the sale there is some good news! You can enter my latest giveaway with the Giveaway Diva to win a 325 SEK (approx. $50 USD) Talulah Lee Gift Certifercate – to use towards that item you want! The giveaway is valid for any item on my website and ends September 15th. There are many easy ways to enter – you can even get multiple entries for following, sharing and tweeting “The Giveaway Diva”!


The Giveaway Diva | Talulah Lee Giveaway

Summer Sale Top Picks!

Hi everyone! here are my top 5 picks for my summer sale this year. The sale runs through the end of July and items are up to 40% off! I am hoping to have a few new items available by fall and some new “Nappa” leather bracelets available for Christmas time (yes its only July – but I am planning early!). I am also in the early stages of making some jewelry travel cases which will hopefully turn out ok! There are only 1-2 of these items available so if you are interested you can buy them direct on my website or send me an email to receive an invoice. I hope you like them!

1.) Cheyenne Crystal Wrap Bracelet – This piece sparkles and shimmers like crazy. I have used natural tone brown leather sewn with a beautiful array of neutral colored Swarovski Crystal Elements. Shades include  Clear Crystal, Crystal Mettalic Light Gold and Crystal Dorado. Your choice of a 14K Gold tag or a sterling silver tag! This item is now 10% off!

Cheyenne Crystal Wrap Bracelet


2.) Baby Pink Coral, Quartz and Crystal Bracelet – This single layered leather bracelet is made with an array of semi-precious stones including Salmon coral, rhodochrosite, rose quartz, and white mother of pearl. What makes it unique is that it is strung with a bright coral thread which makes it stand out! This bracelet is perfect for layering and can be mixed with some of my other single layer wrap bracelets. Now 30% Off! 

Single Wrap Rhodochrosite and Pearl Bracelet


3.) Marine Turquoise and Emerald Jade Wrap Bracelet – This piece features 4 layers of jade and 1 layer turquoise on dark brown leather. Featuring Emerald Green, Aqua Blue, Juniper, and Mint Green this piece is an absolute beautiful creation! Bonus: It is 30% Off!

Marine Turquoise and Emerald Jade Wrap Bracelet


4.) Jade Cuff Bracelets – For this bracelet there are two options available. The Sky Mixed Jade Cuff Bracelet and the Primary Multi Mix Jade Cuff Bracelet. They have 3 layers of unpolished “au-natural” jade stone and look great paired together like in the photo below. They are also unique in that they feature a leather cuff backing. The leather is a dark brown and has been left unwaxed for a natural look. These cuff bracelets are now 40% off! 

Jade Mix Cuff Bracelets | Talulah Lee


5.) Sunrise Yellow Crystal Wrap Bracelet – Another Swarovski Crystal piece that shimmers and sparkles. It features mixed rows of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS – Clear Crystal, Citrine, White Opal, Light Colorado Topaz, and Jonquil. This piece is yellow tone but not too yellow which I think is really nice. The “opaque” White Opal makes it really unique too. This bracelet is 20% Off! 

Sunrise Crystal Wrap Bracelet | Talulah Lee