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Fresh Spring Fashion: Part I

It is April 1st and I  am so in the mood for Spring! Here are some great inspired looks to get you all in Spring Mode….! All products are listed below each photo in SEK- enjoy!

Hint of Lilac Jade

I love the simplicity of this look – its soo simple and classic. Yet the wrap bracelet adds the splash of color that is needed. And of course a major lip gloss fan – I go for neutral and subtle shades here.

Hint of Lilac Jade - Spring 2013Hint of Lilac Jade – Spring 2013 by talulahlee featuring vintage eyewear

Joie , 1 420 SEK / Tods tod shoes, 2 370 SEK / Crochet tote, 315 SEK / KBL Eyewear vintage eyewear, 1 045 SEK / Lancôme , 115 SEK

Mint Green and Rose Quartz

I love the combination of pink and green – it reminds me of candy and a pretty spring day. The shirt below is from Noa Noa and I just recently came across this shop here in Sweden so am pretty excited about their Spring and Summer fashions lines for this year.
Mint Green and Rose QUartz

Noa Noa , 585 SEK / Dondup jeans, 1 825 SEK / L’ Autre Chose flat heels, 1 290 SEK / Mint green handbag, 640 SEK / Rose Gold Wrap Bracelet – Talulah Lee

Splash of Pink and Stripes…

Solid colour pastel skinny jeans are everywhere this year and can’t wait to grab myself a pair soon. Any horizontal loose striped tee would look great with any solid colour skinny. Here I zazzled it up with my own turquoise and pyrite wrap bracelet some pretty daisy studs and a cool shoulder satchel bag. Mixing prints, stripes and solids is so trendy right now.
Splash of Pink - Spring 2013

  Splash of Pink – Spring 2013 by talulahlee featuring flat shoes

Velvet jersey tee, 690 SEK / dVb Victoria Beckham skinny fit jeans, 1 680 SEK / TOMS flat shoes, 355 SEK / Crossbody handbag, 49 SEK / River Island pink jewelry, 49 SEK / Turquoise Wrap Bracelet – Talulah Lee

Spring Jewelry Giveaway – Pearls and Leather!

Pearl Wrap Bracelet Giveaway by Talulah Lee

Want to win this bracelet?

I’m offering one lucky fan this beautiful Pearl Leather Wrap Bracelet – made with 5 layers of silky iridescent pink pearls, sterling silver and honey red leather! Entry is easy, and you can even get a double entry when you reshare on Facebook or Twitter or simply tell how you would wear this bracelet!

Click here to submit your entry. The winner will be contacted via email on May 1, 2013. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at info (@) talulahlee.com.

Best of Luck!

Top 10 Colors for Spring 2013

There are so many new and exciting colors to celebrate for Spring 2013! This year is all about mixing bright and bold with neutral shades for balance. And if there’s one trend that seems to unify all of 2013’s color trends, it is this: everyone is ready to lighten up and do away with the gloom of winter, I know I am. This “lightening up” and sense of moving forward reflects how we surround ourselves in our homes, workplaces and even our jewellery and clothing choices.

This year, the Pantone Color Institute declared emerald green the color of the year – its bright, bold, and full of inspiration!  Other colors you’ll be seeing a lot more of include variations of blues and greens, bright yellows, poppy reds and nectarine, soft linen and African violet. Read on more below for a quick wrap-up of the top 10 colors for Spring 2013 fashion and home as reported by the Pantone Color Institute (Source: Pantone Color Institute, Paul Wharton Style).

I. Jewel-Toned Greens: Emerald and Tender Shoots

Emerald Green and Tender Shoots


Emerald: One of my favorites new Spring colors, it no wonder its the color of the year! The Emerald color is rich and regal but also relaxed and inspiring all at the same time.

For 2013, it’s evolving into a cleaner, clearer green and moving away from the mossy arts and crafts colors. The Emerald color palette includes a wide range of greens, with “Cool Green” shades being the most prominent. The range of colors goes from the Sour Greens of Pistachio and Midori to the Cool Blue-Greens of Cool Mint and Beach glass.  

Emerald green is perfect for a twist on the smokey eye and makes a bold statement of color. Street fashion also gets a boost with Emerald.

Tender Shoots

Tender Shoots: Inspired by the emotional experience of a dream, Tender Shoots is cheerful, airy, and vibrant.  The Tender Shoots color palette includes new balance pairing aqua pastels with pops of color — the contrast of Amethyst with Soft Shell, Bloom with Hibiscus, and Flax Linen with Candy Pink, which creates the emotion of unbalanced beauty. Think Lime-ade, Lagoon and Juniper! Tender Shoots can be reserved for a more elegant look (see dress in above photo), and also brightens up any home space as an accent piece such as a decorative pillow. In terms of jewelry, look for bright and bold – like my Marine Jade Wrap Bracelet featuring Emerald green jade and Juniper Jade.

II. The Satin Tones: Grayed Jade and African Violet

Greyed Jade and African Violet

Grayed JadeQuiet Grayed Jade: Though quiet and commonly thought of as a reserved color, grayed jade can make a strong statement in fashion this Spring. The grayed jade color pallete ranges from warm pale shades of Misty Jade, Icy Lilac and Praline Ivory punctuated with shots of hot colors such as Orange, Sulphur Chartreuse and Deep Orchid. Grayed Jade is perfect for satin pieces that are flowing such as long maxi dresses and elegant more formal dresses. Combine with classic black and edgy accessories for a unique look or keep it simple and elegant with floral headbands and minimalistic jewelry.

African VioletAfrican Violet: Inspired by the modern silk road the pallete of colors include Paprika and Pale Iris. Everyone looks good in a hint of Purple, as it adds a bit of mysteriousness, specifically Eggplant, Lilac or subtle Aubergine shades. African Violet is perfect for nails and for a softer look (pieces of silk chiffon or a soft cotton scarf). For jewelry, look for necklaces with purple pendants, pieces with slivered violet accents,  or if you want to go bolder try my Lilac Jade Wrap Bracelet, made with all-natural Lilac jade stone. 

III. Neutral at its Finest: Linen


LinenWarm Linen – Architectural and timeless, warm linen includes highlights such as Cream, Nude and Blush.  The stark contrast of these colors creates an unusual, yet clean, palette that is perfect for the modern look of the season.

For 2013 the signature linen shade this year is Blush because it creates a quiet counterpoint to the more graphic nature of the Black/White/Gray combinations and also goes well with most skin types. “Linen is light and airy, providing a nude-like basic that is a must have for spring.” Pantone Color Report Spring 2013.

IV. The Showoff Colour: Lemon Zest

Lemon Zest

Lemon Zest

Lemon Zest: My favorite! Inspired by sunshine, the signature colour here is Citron Yellow — its bright tone is optimistic, cheerful and playful for spring. This is a real attention getter, and the more you see it in home decor and fashion the more you like it!

The Lemon Zest color pallet ranges from mild citron hues – from light yellow topaz to bright neon. I believe this color, above all the rest, symbolises the renewal of life that spring brings. Statement handbags such as this Louis-Vuitton, yellow nail polish, even men’s ties are joining in on the Lemon Zest trend. For a subtle jewelry piece try my Sunshine Wrap Bracelet and if you want to go bold – try the Festive Thread Wrap Bracelet in Neon Yellow. Lemon Zest is also making a huge trend in wedding decor – from flowers to table decorations.

V. Dreamland: Dusk Blue

Dusk Blue

Dusk Blue
Dusk Blue: Inspired by water and its elements – Dusk Blue is fluid, translucent and weightless. It posesses the ocean’s varied colors and some of the flora and fauna that thrive in it. The signature Dusk Blue color is Deep Lagoon — its vibrancy, energy and depth perfectly represent water’s changing state. The blue color is also trustworthy, stable and comfortable. This Modcloth.com dress is an ideal dusk blue shade as well as my Aquamarine Crystal Bracelet made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. In weddings,  Dusk Blue is the most popular bridesmaid color besides Linen. You also see dusk blue draping interior walls and looks great with white furniture.

VI. Intense and Fiery: Monaco Blue

Monaco Blue


Monaco Blue

Monaco Blue: Monaco Blue includes multiple shades of Blue: Earth-tone Blues that range from Cool Chambrays to Ultra Blue Sapphires and Cold Steel Blues. Its fresh, light mood for spring amplifies a must-have attraction — light enough for the season and fearless enough to conquer all the new styles. Very intense!

Add elegance and edginess to your hair with a Monaco Blue hair accessory that has a little glitz and glamour. Or use a combination of Monaco Blue and Dusk Blue in you outfits, as seen with this color block dress above. When it comes to home decor, geometric rugs in Dusk Blue are so in! Make a statement with your jewellery with a Monaco Blue Thread Friendship Bracelet.

VII. Luscious: Poppy Red and Nectarine

Poppy red and Nectarine

Poppy Red

Poppy Red: Now taking shape, Poppy Red is being seen on more than just where we see it traditionally –  lipsticks and nail polishes. Go for the ultimate vintage look with a solid poppy red top or pair the color with a sleek Coach handbag. It shows off immense confidence in any style and you don’t need alot to pull off the Poppy Red look!


Nectarine: Nectarine works with just about anything –  dinner settings, bold chunky necklaces, or in accesory pieces to brighten up your wardrobe. The color is uplifting and fresh and everywhere you look you are seeing it.  I especially love Nectarine when it is mixed with Poppy Red and Linen – its adds alot of character! The Nectarine signature color is Warm Orange — it is bright, but still has a unique softness to it. Not only that it looks great on all skin tones. I have featured here my 24K Gold Vermeil Petal Earrings with Nectarine Infused Sunstone. Nectarine, when paired with gold in jewellery pieces also makes a great combination.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

2013 Spring Jewelry Trend: Color Splash!

For this post I thought I’d share with you one of the top Spring Jewelry Trends for 2013, the Color Splash. This spring 2013 is all about adding a splash of color to your look. Just as was seen in 2012, jewelry for this spring is focusing on bringing out the bright colors seen on the runways and red carpet. This season is marked with a rich color palette – with bright hues of coral, fuchsia pink, yellows and mint green emerging onto the scene.

Paired with your favorite tee or tank top a splash of color will add a “pop” to your look. Pictured here is my Spring Coral Wrap Bracelet – a triple layered wrap bracelet made with Salmon Coral Beads, Brown Leather and Sterling Silver. I am looking forward to wearing this piece this Spring!


All of these colors incorporate into jewelry in 2013 in a variety of ways; large, colored gemstone rings and pendants have been especially popular.  Earrings are also a must-have fashion jewelry item this spring – they give a strong opportunity for adding that splash of bright color to your outfit.  Bracelets are another way to work those colors into your look this spring – and don’t forget to layer them on and even mix and match gold and silver with one bright color.

As the snow starts to melt and with it bringing spring,  it’s the perfect time to add a splash of color to your wardrobe……why not try one of my Festive Thread Wrap Bracelets – available in 3 eye popping colors…..Fuchsia Pink, Florescent Yellow and Grape. Each one is threaded with Clear Swarovski Crystals and have tremendous sparkle!