All things beautiful…

“Talulah” – A Native American word meaning: “Leaping Water”. Drawing inspiration from the earth, water and its magnificent living natural wonders, I combines natural elements into a modern understated design. Combining smooth finishes, soft lines and classic beauty, my jewelry possesses a unique energy and movement that reflects natures natural wonder.Now a bit about me….My venture into jewelry design began as a curious encounter. I never imagined that I would fall in love with crystals and precious metals and turn them into beautiful art. From the first time I took a jewelry making course in San Francisco I was stuck on it.

I work out of a studio in my home. It is a small tiny crevice in my loft house in the Swedish countryside. A perfect place for running my business.

Every single piece I make, regardless of price or whether simple or complicated, is of the highest priority to me. I want the woman (or man) wearing my jewelry to feel the attention to detail and care that is put into it. Jewelry should make you feel special, unique and put a smile on your face. I do everything possible on my end to impart that feeling. Most of all, it should reflect your mood for that particular day, lift your spirit and brighten your soul.

Working in the studio

Working in the studio

Metal Shaping

Metal Shaping

studio4 studio5

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