Featured Item: “Sparrow & Cage” Necklace

Today I am featuring the “Sparrow & Cage” Necklace. This is one of my favorite new pieces! The gold version of this necklace is cast in pure Italian Bronze and finished with a thick layer of 24K Gold. The chain itself is 14K Gold. It is also available in a Sterling Silver Version.

"Bird and Cage" Necklace | 24K Gold | Talulah Lee

“Bird and Cage” Necklace | 24K Gold | Talulah Lee

Did you know that the Sparrow is one of the most widely used objects in jewelry design? This goes back hundreds of years, but it was believed in many cultures that the sparrow symbolized good luck, fortune, love, dedication, trust and safe journey. Specifically, with this necklace the meaning is symbolic in that the sparrow reminds us to use our creativity in everyday life situations – think outside the box (in this case – “the cage”), and be creative in solving everyday obstacles and difficulties.

"Sparrow & Cage" Necklace | Sterling SIlver | Talulah Lee

“Sparrow & Cage” Necklace | Sterling SIlver | Talulah Lee

What I love most about the sparrow, which I think I may have mentioned in one of my previous posts, is that the sparrow it may travel great distances but it always returns to its home. I think that resonates well with many of us – for we may leave home, go on a journey, but we always have a special place that we call home and return to at some point in our life.
Don’t forget you can save 20% off this necklace until tomorrow using coupon code: HOLIDAY.  Enjoy!

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