Can I ask for your Vote? Win a Sparrow Clay Necklace!

Hello friends!

Recently I was invited by DaWanda to participate in their  ‘Say it with Clay’ creative competition. As part of the competition, each contestant was tasked with making their own original creation out of polymer clay! So after receiving my clay, I went ahead and made my rather minimalistic piece – a beautiful and large suspended white clay sparrow pendant with matching mini earrings.

I think this piece, though more minimalistic than the other contestants designs, is a wearable piece that would just look fantastic with a scoop neck dress…it really stands out!

Sparrow Clay Pendant Necklace

Suspended Sparrow – Made of Polymer Clay – with a sheer glazed finish…

Now the entries are up and the voting is on….. If I may ask can you please vote for my design? I would very much appreciate it! 

To vote head over to the  ‘Say it with Clay’ Facebook album –  to check out all the entries and reward your favourite with a ‘Like’ . Of course, I do not expect to win, but its just a little fun contest and it would really make my day to see your vote!

And I have a bonus too…Next month I will be raffling off the necklace to one lucky winner. By voting for my design you are automatically entered in the contest to win this beautiful pendant! I think it would look awesome as a statement necklace… If you do place a vote for my necklace, can you also leave a comment below to let me know you voted?

Thanks for taking to time to check out all the clay creations and, of course, your vote. I really do appreciate it!

Until next time…


Sparrow Clay Pendant Necklace

Sparrow Clay Pendant Necklace


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