Featured Item: The “5 Petals Necklace”

Hi Everyone! Today I’d like to share with you my latest design – the “5 Petals” Necklace. UPDATE: As of 29/08 this piece has been sold! If you are interested in having it custom made just for you please contact me! 

24K Gold Vermeil "5 Petals" Necklace on an 18" Gold Filled Chain

24K Gold Vermeil “5 Petals” Necklace on an 18″ Gold Filled Chain

It is constructed of 5 petals of various shapes connected together in a unique abstract design. The chains is one of my newer styles – an 18″ oval link chain, where the links are slightly larger and flattened. The chain is is definitly a little different and more substantial than your typical gold chain and I really like this style.

This is the ultimate modern flower necklace that makes an ideal statement piece! And whats great is that its not an overly done flower – just simple, classic, and a great design. And yes…. that is me sporting my own piece with a beautiful lace vintage dress! What do you think?

5 Petals Necklace I Talulah Lee

24K Gold Vermeil “5 Petals” Necklace

Right now I have just one of these beauties available in 24K Gold Vermeil with a Satin Finish. The chain itself is 14K Solid gold filled. I hope you like this piece!

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