Summer Sale Top Picks!

Hi everyone! here are my top 5 picks for my summer sale this year. The sale runs through the end of July and items are up to 40% off! I am hoping to have a few new items available by fall and some new “Nappa” leather bracelets available for Christmas time (yes its only July – but I am planning early!). I am also in the early stages of making some jewelry travel cases which will hopefully turn out ok! There are only 1-2 of these items available so if you are interested you can buy them direct on my website or send me an email to receive an invoice. I hope you like them!

1.) Cheyenne Crystal Wrap Bracelet – This piece sparkles and shimmers like crazy. I have used natural tone brown leather sewn with a beautiful array of neutral colored Swarovski Crystal Elements. Shades include  Clear Crystal, Crystal Mettalic Light Gold and Crystal Dorado. Your choice of a 14K Gold tag or a sterling silver tag! This item is now 10% off!

Cheyenne Crystal Wrap Bracelet


2.) Baby Pink Coral, Quartz and Crystal Bracelet – This single layered leather bracelet is made with an array of semi-precious stones including Salmon coral, rhodochrosite, rose quartz, and white mother of pearl. What makes it unique is that it is strung with a bright coral thread which makes it stand out! This bracelet is perfect for layering and can be mixed with some of my other single layer wrap bracelets. Now 30% Off! 

Single Wrap Rhodochrosite and Pearl Bracelet


3.) Marine Turquoise and Emerald Jade Wrap Bracelet – This piece features 4 layers of jade and 1 layer turquoise on dark brown leather. Featuring Emerald Green, Aqua Blue, Juniper, and Mint Green this piece is an absolute beautiful creation! Bonus: It is 30% Off!

Marine Turquoise and Emerald Jade Wrap Bracelet


4.) Jade Cuff Bracelets – For this bracelet there are two options available. The Sky Mixed Jade Cuff Bracelet and the Primary Multi Mix Jade Cuff Bracelet. They have 3 layers of unpolished “au-natural” jade stone and look great paired together like in the photo below. They are also unique in that they feature a leather cuff backing. The leather is a dark brown and has been left unwaxed for a natural look. These cuff bracelets are now 40% off! 

Jade Mix Cuff Bracelets | Talulah Lee


5.) Sunrise Yellow Crystal Wrap Bracelet – Another Swarovski Crystal piece that shimmers and sparkles. It features mixed rows of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS – Clear Crystal, Citrine, White Opal, Light Colorado Topaz, and Jonquil. This piece is yellow tone but not too yellow which I think is really nice. The “opaque” White Opal makes it really unique too. This bracelet is 20% Off! 

Sunrise Crystal Wrap Bracelet | Talulah Lee


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