On my website I recently started a bimonthly jewelry feature where I showcase a particular type of style, stone or design and describe its meaning. For the month of June and July the feature is the sparrow that’s showcasing my 24K Gold Vermeil Sparrow Necklace.

The Sparrow is aGold Sparrow Necklace free-spirited bird and thus has been an inspiration for many jewelry designs throughout history.

In its behaviour the sparrow bird is carefree, good natured and abundant. In some cultures the sparrow symbolizes good luck, good fortune, love, dedication, trust and safe journey. However, the meaning of the sparrow bird is slightly different in many cultures. Here are some meanings below which you may find interesting:

In Indonesian Cultures the sparrow brings good luck. If a sparrow enters a home, Indonesians believe that a wedding will occur, and if a woman spies a sparrow on Valentine’s Day, she will find happiness by marrying a poor man. If a sparrow enters a home and builds a nest, it will bring good luck. The call of a sparrow is a harbinger of rain. 

In Egyptian culture sparrows were dream catchers – catching the soul of a person recently deceased. Many sailors would tattoo the image of a sparrow on their bodies with the hope that the sparrow would catch their soul, carrying it to heaven if they died while at sea. 

In ancient Christian Symbolism sparrows were all symbols of the presence of God. Gospel hymns, such as “His Eye Is on the Sparrow,” also use the image of the sparrow to denote the importance of all things in the eyes of God.

According to the Chinese, sparrows symbolize danger and change for the better and thus represent daring action and fidelity. In Japan the sparrow represents devotion to family and motherly love. The meaning behind this belief is because the swallow chooses a partner and they mate for life.

What I love most about the sparrow is that it may travel great distances but it always returns to its home. I think that resonates well with many of us – for we may leave home, go on a journey, but we always have a special place that we call home and return to at some point in our life. I think that is something special.

You can browse some sparrow bird jewelry pieces below and more here directly on the features page. Thank you for looking and I hope you enjoyed this feature.

Sterling Silver Sparrow EarringsSterling Silver Sparrow Earrings

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