Another Cluster Wrap Bracelet Teaser

Here’s another teaser shot for my new cluster wrap bracelets coming soon!

Cluster Wrap Bracelets by Talulah Lee

I am loving these colors though I think my favorite is the mauve color or maybe the bright emerald green! They should be available and ready for sale on the website within a week or two hopefully.

Though, this week (eventhough its Monday lol)  has been challenging with photography (learning to work the Canon Eos 5D), writing listings and writing descriptions. I have also been tweaking the website and working with different currency conversions to make sure everything is looking good and converting correctly with GBP, SEK, USD and CAD currencies. No one ever said how much work is involved with ensuring an ecommerce site works and functions like clockwork! And its hard to work inside when outside it actually is sunny and warm and I should really be working outside in my greenhouse! Though I love my business and that keeps me going…

Anyways, I hope you like these bracelets just as much as I do! I can take preorders if you just can’t wait and need one now – let me know of course. Enjoy the week and thank you for reading.

Cluster Wrap Bracelets by Talulah Lee


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