Unique Jewellery Storage Ideas – Part 1

I am always looking for new and unique ways to store my jewellery.  As a preference, I like to be able to see my jewellery because I know if I put it away in a drawer or jewellery box, I will forget about it and probably won’t wear it or even remember that I have it. Many of these ideas which show off your jewellery not only make things easier to find but it prevents your jewellery from mixing together and becoming entangled (I’ve had this happen with delicate thin chains and sometimes getting out the knots can be a pain!)

Whether you have only a small space, prefer to store your jewellery on a wall or in a drawer, these options give some great ideas that not only look great but also also functional and keep your jewellery organized.  As part of this post I’ve chosen some unique jewellery ideas from Pinterest that feature frames, tack boards, and dishes.  I hope you enjoy and that these give you some inspiration…..Many of these ideas you can make yourself too! So why not get going looking for vintage empty frames, tack boards, and old antique dishes and cups laying around the house. Why not get as creative with your jewellery storage as you are with your jewellery? Enjoy!

Source: repinly.com via Krystal on Pinterest

Source: i.imgur.com via Candace on Pinterest

Source: homedit.com via Allison on Pinterest

Source: indulgy.com via Carrie on Pinterest


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